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Digital Automation • Social Hub • Business Analysis

Our strategic approach combines business analysis and data-driven insights
allowing us identify the best path to reach your target customers.

Online Marketing & Digital Strategy

We know that a first impression lasts and that it’s critical for your business to deliver a quality online image that gets results.

Dashba can help your business align its online activities with business goals, customer needs and measurable metrics. We provide a range of services to help target your audience, engage, educate and generate repeat business through your digital strategy.

An Online Marketing Strategy is the key to generating leads and lots of traffic through the best use of all of the functions and design of your website.

Dashba can design and customise a set of effective strategies for your online marketing mix including: SEO, SEM, on-page optimisation, on-site and off-site online advertising, micro-sites, AB testing, link building and audience research.

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Digital & Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best organic way to drive SEO, increase ROI and gauge true brand loyalty. Dashba can develop compelling and result-driven social media hubs with high engagement, creating relevant content that engages your demographic(s) with your product, brand events and your marketing efforts.

Dashba can design and customise a set of stand-alone social media tools for your business incorporating social media advertising programs and developing social media tools that can help reach, engage and educate your target market.

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eCommerce & Retail Marketing

Retailers must now have an engaging, content driven strategy that is consumer focused.
A multi-channel strategy that integrates across screens, channels and experiences to provide customers with a truly personalised experience at any stage of the buying cycle.

At Dashba we work with all retailers - from start-ups and small boutiques needing development of a new brand and marketing strategy, to well-known brands looking to refresh the brand and step up their marketing game. We understand the importance of ROI and increasing brand awareness and customer traffic.

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SEO, SEM & Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of tools that enhance a website’s results within search engines such as Google. Search engine results are critical to your digital success and delivering customers to your website. Dashba can also design and customise an Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy for your business as a standalone component or incorporate it into a full digital strategy that includes SEO and other digital marketing techniques such as Lead Generation.

The world of lead generation has changed the way we look at the marketing funnel. Today's marketing departments realise that their role has shifted from pushing sales to facilitating a reliable internal buying process that utilises sales and marketing automation platforms. At Dashba, we take all the steps needed to create original and effective strategies to nurturing leads.

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